Horses have the ability to show us our true 

 reflections through the fog

     Kedra Holderman and her incredible herd of intuitive  Mustangs are located in the avocado countryside of Temecula, California. There, she and her family run Peaceful Hearts Ranch. Kedra has dedicated her life to healing and empowering people from all walks of life. Her journey with mustangs started when she took the courageous step of asking her family for help with battling drug addiction. After bouncing through a few different facility's she found two mustangs waiting to change her life. She spent two years living in Texas learning through the eyes of horses to love herself. Through many EAP sessions Kedra discovered a passion, and purpose in life. In 2010 Kedra and her mother attended a Wild Horse Boot Camp at Livesavers Wild Horse Rescue in Lancaster, California. There, they were among a small group of people to be the first to gentle and handle a group of wild mustangs just recently rescued from a BLM auction where they were to be sold for 25 cents a pound. Four mustangs from that herd now currently reside at Peaceful Hearts Ranch, where along with another very special mustang they form an incredibly intuitive team dedicated to helping people find their purpose, and passion! Kedra is EAGALA certified and is currently working in partnership with the County of Riverside Mental Health Department to provide and promote emotional health and healing in her local community. 

Equine Assisted Coaching and learning

Horses are sentient beings who have an incredible ability to mirror human interactions and feelings. Through working experientially with horses one can gain great insight into  their own behavior patterns,  as well as become more aware in our decision making process. Horses offer clarity in a world of fog, and empowerment for all who are willing to look in the mirror. Join us to learn more about yourself through the eyes of horses. 

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