Our Mission: To provide a haven for those seeking emotional health and wellness. We are dedicated to helping people overcome life's obstacles, while gaining great insight about themselves through interaction with horses. We achieve this with the utmost care and concern for the clients emotional and physical safety. 

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Here at Peaceful Hearts Ranch we offer an oppertunity to connect with self, and nature. We facilitate Equine Assisted Learning and Coaching sessions with the help of our incredible herd of mustangs. At Peaceful Hearts we don't stop there! We guide you in grounding and relaxation exercises  with the help of the  horses or without. With acres of trails through avocado groves and flower fields its hard to not feel the peace surrounding us. A multipurpose platform allows for yoga and meditation, as well as luncheons or english high tea. Art classes and Native American drum making to come! Join us for a grand Year of The Horse and see yourself through the eyes of these sentient beings.  

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